Team Members:

Joshua Basham

‘Intertwine’ seeks to create a vibrant cultural, ecological, and commercial corridor for the city of Raleigh while supporting the gradual transition of Governor Morehead School for the Blind [GMS] students and Unfelon members into society. The site is ideally located in the heart of Raleigh and could become the catalyst of transit oriented growth across the Triangle by connecting the 81.2 acre site through light rail, rapid bus transit, greenways, and bike lanes.

‘Intertwine’ develops a network of walkable paths along active rail lines, transforming Raleigh’s railroad infrastructure from being overlooked to being desired by a wide range of communities. These connections ensure the site is easily navigable and give visitors/ residents the choice to enjoy amenities on site, or explores other options.

Socially, the project aims to aid both GMS students and Unfelon members in transition to their next level positions and housing. A multitude of housing options would be located along the corridor and adjacent areas to meet the physical and financial needs of all residents. Additionally jobs created in this zone could partner with GMS and Unfelon to provide a direct path as GMS and Unfelon members progress through their respective programs.