NCSU College of Design Studio

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CONNECTIONS Actionable Urbanism Studio

In spring 2019, NCSU’s College of Design invited CONNECTIONS to extend the initiative into a graduate level joint architecture and landscape architecture design studio, resulting in the CONNECTIONS Actionable Urbanism Studio. The course redefined the current role of the architect as one of optimist, innovator, researcher, and activist

Graduate students created master plans that explored the social, ecological, and economic forces of the site. Students interviewed organizations working with returning citizens and at-risk youth, incorporating them as their anchor programs within their design to further emphasize the goal of integrated and equitable urban development.

Experts in community-led-design, urban planning, mapping, journalism/storytelling, etc. broadened the student’s conceptions of how to design with an authentic awareness of place and people. Results were documented in a publication that allows the work to continue to advance the conversation.