Resilient Landscape

Team Members:

Jodi Hart, Erin Kopf, Chris Lacey, Natalie Williams

‘Resilient Landscape’ seeks to repair environmental and social aspects of the site. Daylighting the existing Rocky Branch Creek allows the project to place a lush “Green Corridor” at the center of the site, separating two portions of urban density. 

As a design concept, resilience informs healing of the ecology and history of the site and provide an inclusive, beautiful place for all people.

The “Green Corridor” restores hydrologic and vegetative processes, reduces the heat island effect, and allows for social programming along its edges. It permeates into the urban fabric through "Green Connectors," which act as safe pedestrian zones, social spaces, and an opportunity to capture stormwater.

‘Resilient Landscape’ positions social equity programs, communal amenities, and educational spaces along the “Green Corridor” which helps make visible historically isolated people. ‘Resilient Landscape’ provides a network of social and environmental systems that create a new precedent for responsible and restorative urban development.