Team Members:

Brad Burns, Celise Bravo-Taylor, Paul Drake, Bob Geary, Tina Govan, Frank Harmon, Glenn Parks, Marie Schacht, Julie Sherk

Our goal is to reestablish the “missing middle” in Raleigh. The missing middle is comprised of duplexes, bungalow courts, four-plexes, granny cottages, and other house types, intermixed along pedestrian streets with shops, lofts, parks, playgrounds, and schools. Our intention is to allow family life in the city.

Within the missing middle neighborhood, anyone from the age of 8 to 80 years old can safely walk outside.

Imagine, for example, an eight-year-old riding her bicycle along shaded paths on her way to school, or a couple alighting from a light rail station and walking through the neighborhood on their way to )  Dix Park.

Our neighborhood will be  dense enough to support transit and neighborhood shopping, yet informal enough to shelter families and children in the shade of oak trees. It will provide the urban gift of diversity, making possible a mix of people and ideas, and building resilience through humane growth.