Team Members:

Betsey Clark, Alaina McCoy, Sondra Rogal, Yaxuan Wang,

At-risk youth are defined as “disconnected from conventional paths of education, work, and civic engagement that lead to productive adulthood.” As the name suggests, ‘Integrate’ inserts the Boys and Girls Club and their robust programming into a thriving urban and ecologically responsible site.

The site is stitched together by daylighting and celebrating the existing Rocky Branch Creek. A boardwalk stretches over the creek and wetland, providing all visitors a unique, natural experience that links the site's various programs. The integration of youth programming with civic form and landscape reconnects the site to the city.

The project's central axis is established by the historic prison wall entrance acting as a new threshold for businesses and housing districts as well as the School for the Blind's new campus. The axis extends north to the surrounding city and connects to Raleigh’s future 308-acre Dix Park across a busy thoroughfare to the south.